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Online Masters to PHD (Statistics)

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Is it possible to go from an online masters to a PHD? I've been accepted to NC State's online program (and hopefully TAMU's as well). I'm working full-time right now at a good job, and they've agreed to allow me to work part time while I study. 

In a few years, would it be possible to take my masters from NC State or TAMU and use it to get into a PHD program? I understand that research is important, and outside of some consulting work from the schools, I may not have many options. I have no prior research experience (Econ undergrad degree from a top 10 public school). NC State would also be a Master of Statistics, rather than an MS (I'm not sure how much that matters).

The deadlines for a PHD have far passed, and I fully intend on starting school this fall or next spring. I know that Rice shortens their PHD program if you arrive with a masters. I'm hoping to do something like this. I feel like a masters will help me better identify what I may enjoy researching.



Thank you for any help!

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It is impossible to tell your chances from your post. Undergrad economics can be done either with rigorous mathematics or it can be done by taking less math-heavy classes. How did you perform in your undergrad math classes? Did you take any math beyond linear algebra and Calculus III, etc (I assume you took those at the minimum since you were admitted to a Masters in Statistics program)?

Assuming that your undergraduate grades were good, it may also depend on whether you think you can get quality letters of recommendation from your online instructors. Additionally, you will need to take one semester of real analysis, if you haven't already (and ideally a few advanced math classes beyond Calc III/Lin Alg). Since you say you are working part time while you study, would it be possible for you to take some undergraduate math classes at a local university (including, most crucially, real analysis)? 

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