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Work abroad in the Netherlands

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Do you speak Dutch? Do you already have a work permit?

The number of companies that can offer work permits is restricted (there's a list somewhere, you should be able to google it) - and they're predominantly in business, IT, science, and tech (with some exceptions there). You'd also need to figure out if your degree is recognized in the Netherlands and at which level and in which way - university or something else (yes not everything is considered the equivalent of university, even though you got it at a university). 

Also, note that you're most likely gonna have a hard time finding a job even if all your qualifications are OK and you do already have a work permit. People heavily prefer native Dutch speakers from the Netherlands, despite foreigners having sometimes even better qualifications. I've seen this around me all the time (yes Dutchie here). I have American friends who speak Dutch fluently but still, get rejected for job offers because people feel it would be easier to have a native Dutch speaker (they're afraid she makes mistakes etc).  You're also not entering a market where they're desperate for people (actually quite the opposite) so I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. 

The Hague is not the best place to search for English language jobs actually. It's all right for English speaking, but the English community there is predominantly diplomats. Rotterdam and especially Amsterdam do have a little bit English-friendlier job market, but also not that great - it's lots of IT and senior business jobs.


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