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Am I Competitive thread


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Hi there,

I have recently published an outstanding paper as first author (Impact Factor >15). I also have 2 published papers and another one as a first author submitted (impact factor 6ish), those were all part of my master's degree effort. And I want to get into really competitive schools.

I am passionate about science and want to use my knowledge to help people somehow, using biology to change people's lives, unfortunately my undergrad grades are not outstanding (7.9/10). I have this dream about getting into Harvard or Mount Sinai. What can I do to strengthen my application? 

PS. My GREs are 161V 159Q

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Have you identified an area of research you're interested in specifically?  Have you found faculty at places like Harvard or Mount Sinai that do research you're interested in?  Other than prestige, what is attracting you to these programs?  Your numerical stats look good, but after a certain point it will come down to research fit, what your recommendation writers say about you, and how you structure your personal statements/statements of purpose (and if a school is a good research fit for you, that will be indicated in your statements). 

So I think by numbers, you probably would be competitive, but it's really hard to give any definite answers because admissions is more than the numbers on the paper and is such a crapshoot.  I would also apply to more schools than just Harvard and Mt Sinai and not have prestige as your most important criteria for a program, but that's my 2 cents.

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Thank you for the tips!!

I am interested in those schools because they have professors that work exactly with what I want. Harvard even has 3 different professors which fields are complimentary with what I want to do.

It is really hard to know what those schools want right? Being an international student I don't think I would have famous professors to write recommendation letters, but they are very good in their field and known in my country.

 Anyone else has tips for me??? I thought about studying for a GRE subject test, for biology and chemistry perhaps...

Any thoughts?

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