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Best Books about Classics

Soul Invictus

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Thought it might be nice to mention some non-fretful app/visit stuff for a while. So, let's throw down some of our favorite books. LateAntique, I hope Im not stealing your thunder on this one, but my favorite history / classics pageturner is always likely to be "Power and Persuasion in Late Antiquity: Towards a Christian Empire" by Peter Brown

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Good thread idea! Here are some of my favorites.

Gian Biagio Conte - The Rhetoric of Imitation (1985)

Susan Stephens - Seeing Double: intercultural poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria (2003)

Thomas Rosenmeyer - The Green Cabinet: Theocritus and the European pastoral lyric (1969)

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No thunder stolen whatsoever! The more people studying the late ancient world, the better.

My favorite books about Classics as a field:

Peter Green, "Classical Bearings"

John Heath, Victor Hanson, "Who Killed Homer?" and "Bonfire of the Humanities"

E. Christian Kopf, "The Devil Knows Latin"

My favorite books about the late ancient world:

Peter Brown, "The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity"

Robert L. Wilken, "The Christians as the Romans Saw Them"

H.H. Scullard and M. Cary, "History of Rome" (It's a textbook, but still interesting)

There are probably a handful of others that I'm not thinking about (my brain is fried from marathon senior thesis writing), but these are all great books.

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Hi, just stumbled across the forum. I too liked Wilken, and wanted to put in a plug for a couple older gems r.e. Late Antiquity: Cochrane's Christianity and Classical Culture and Glover's Life and Letters in the Fourth Century.

Woohoo, first posting euphoria!

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