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Chances of getting into Portland State MSW Program (low GPA)


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Hi all! I want to apply to grad school this year to obtain my MSW, but I am concerned due to my undergraduate record. I attended a UC and graduated with a 2.85 GPA. I really want to attend Portland State University, and was wondering if any can tell me if this is possible? Do I have a chance?  My Upper Division GPA that they ask for is a 3.4. I graduated in 2017 and have worked as an Interventionist to at-risk youth in my community, and am considering doing this another year for more experience. All help, advice, and comments are appreciated! Thank you :)

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I think that is really tough to gauge. 

I did read off their website that they only accept about 1/3 of the students that apply (in all types of programs, 1/3 online, 1/3 hybrid, and 1/3 oncampus). Apparently it is the only MSW program in the state.

I think the only real thing you can do is apply and give it your best shot.You never know! Highlight your strengths and focus on the positives in your application. Good luck!

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