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One-year master degree or working in a research lab?


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I major in biochemistry and graduated with a bachelor degree in Spring 2018. I got a poor GPA (3.0) and a little bit of academic research for 4 semesters, 2 for one semester long and 1 for a year. All of them didn't get to a published paper by the end. I got a research opportunity at the University of Southern California this summer and I'm really excited about this. If there is a chance, I want to be a lab tech in that research lab for next year. Also, I accepted an offer at the Tufts University for a one-year master program in infectious diseases and global health. I am trying to decide between these two options and trying to add some impressive stuff to my resume so that I can get into a Ph.D. program (hopefully) in Fall 2019. Which one should I choose?


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Hi ivynotavery!

If you're looking to enter a research Ph.D. program I would definitely agree with Black5tar and obtain some research experience. Master's programs are great if you want to show you're capable of studying in an area that was not what you studied in undergrad. But, unless the Master's program offers research, I would go with the opportunity at USC. Ultimately, research Ph.D. programs want to see a proficiency in scientific thinking and curiosity, which can be developed with research experience and can be validated through a LOR from a PI, a poster presentation and/or publication!

Best of luck!


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