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I want to give a GRE Physics exam in september. 

Considering that I have not begun my GRE Physics prep, please suggest the materials/books for GRE Physics.

I tried looking online and I could not find any relevant books.

Thank you

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Study plan I will be following (includes old pGRE tests):
The essential text:
Go-to intro text for literally everything (free online pdf):
google "halliday and resnick fundamentals of physics pdf"
A supplementary text I love:
Article/website with good info:
After you have gotten through all the practice tests, use this to study specific areas (I say after because these problems are from old tests):
Email this person(s) at Case Western Reserve for free online flashcards:
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On 3/5/2019 at 11:18 PM, Ternwild said:

I'm gonna have to 2nd this suggestion.  It is a rock solid book and helped me raise my pGRE score by 110 points.

Now that I'm done the whole PGRE process (went from a 3rd percentile in April 2018 to a 59th percentile in October ;) ) my best advice is to know the 3/4 most recent exams like the back of your hand!

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