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should I retake chemistry prereq if I got a C???

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Hi everyone!

I will be applying to grad programs in the fall/spring and I am currently doing post bac at Utah State. I took chem 1 and 2 during my first bachelors and I got Cs in both classes. I know ASHA requires a physical science course as a prerequisite for grad school, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to retake chem 1 in order to hopefully get an A or a B. Also, does ASHA only require one semester of physical sciences? 

Thank y'all so much!

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Hi! I don't think that'll be necessary, as some of the grad schools I looked into today only want a C or higher, I think most of the emphasis will be on your major coursework. Yes, they only want one semester. I'm also a student at USU and here's an email I got this week:

"Acceptable courses in BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES should emphasize a content area related to human or animal sciences (eg, biology, human anatomy & physiology, neuroanatomy & neurophysiology, human genetics, veterinary science). [online options at USU: BIOL 1010-usually offered every sem online. or they can go to course search and find a BLS course--most should work & fit under bioscience or cellular biology]  Acceptable courses in PHYSICAL SCIENCES should include physics or chemistry. [online options at USU: CHEM 1010, PHYS 3020, PHYS 3030-usually offered every sem online] Acceptable courses in SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES should include psychology, sociology, anthropology, or public health.[online options at USU: PSY 1010, PSY 1110, HDFS 1500]  Research methodology courses in COMD may not be used to satisfy the STATISTICS requirement [online options at USU: STAT 1040, STAT 1045 (has elements of algebra)].  Courses in biological & physical sciences specifically related to COMD may not be applied for certification purposes to this category unless the course fulfills a univ requirement in one of these areas."  -ASHA standards, pg 2 & 3 These courses do NOT need to be part of the last 60 credits for grad school (At USU anyway; we just look for completion w/a passing grade). Call ASHA directly w/questions at 800.638.8255.


Hope this helps! 

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