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C in statistics - should I retake it?

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Hey everyone! 

So I got a C in statistics my second semester of college. Will this hurt my chances of getting into graduate schools? My overall gpa right now is pretty high and so far I've made A's in all of my ASLP classes. Should I retake stats? I just don't know if it will look super bad on my transcript to have a C. 

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If your GPA is good overall and your GRE scores are good, then don't stress about the C in stats. I also got a C in stats and was accepted to 5 grad programs. The application process is stressful enough! I think a good way to look at it is if all of your other ASHA requirements are good, then they will overlook the stats. Not all SLP's are math people! 

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I think you're A-Okay! I can't tell you how many times my C+ in Linguistics (which was required for my major and factored into my major GPA) from freshman year had me dissolving into a puddle of tears, especially when the time finally came for me to start applying. Your past does NOT define you, and if you've made a point to improve your grades since then, I feel that a C in Stats won't be an absolute deal-breaker on your application. If you feel the need to explain how you got this grade (maybe you had a bad semester, maybe math isn't your strongest subject), then you could possibly do so in your personal statement, but I personally don't think that's necessary.

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