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Do I have a shot at Harvard?


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I have an undergraduate degree and two master degrees and I am really wanting to do my PhD under a certain professor at Harvard. Its in the humanities sector. A professor in my current program (second masters) pointed out that I should consider applying as my thesis topic here strongly aligns with his current research agenda. But I heard the word harvard and naturally scoffed. I mean its Harvard. And the biggest reason I scoffed is because of my undergraduate grades.

In my first degree, the first two years were abysmal. I got one F, three D's, mostly c's, and a few B +'s. The second two years I turned it around, and got mostly A's and a few B+'s. However in my following master degree I got nothing but A's and in my second masters degree I have nothing but A's. I have published two articles, worked in developing nations with large multilateral organizations, and have been a a part of writing some pretty impactful foreign policy in regards to gender and protection. My LORs would be excellent, as already have discussed this with them. My GRE is 166 verbal and 164 quantitative. I speak english, french, and Spanish. I am also a visible minority (oh and I'm a Canadian applicant). 

As my career has progressed, I've done some pretty great work and have really turned my GPA around, but I'm really nervous my first two years make me not eligible. I mean- its Harvard. This professor wouldn't know my first two years of grades were awful, so the recommendation in applying might not have happened had he known. I work in international affairs and its been almost 8 years since I first went to college and had those awful two years. Additionally, I had those awful two years because I severely struggled with my mental health and went into treatment for an eating disorder (been well and healthy even since I left treatment). I know a lot of schools would look past those two years, especially since I could explain the mental health stuff, but I'm thinking the Harvard admissions committee has little incentive to do that. 

Anyway- wondering what others thoughts are. Since I am Canadian and we don't have ivy league schools here I really dont know how this all works. I should mention my undergraduate school was nothing special, but my masters degrees were from world top 100 schools, according to both Times and QS rankings. 

Any info would be really appreciated (please be nice as I truly am naive on how all this works lol)

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Harvard will look at your graduate program grades (i.e. your masters program), so no need to worry about your undergrad. What they really will care about is your publications and the work you have done, in addition to your GRE and GPA from your masters program (both of which are good). 

What I would say is more concerning is limiting yourself to one professor. There is no problem having an interest in a particular faculty member at a school, but I would not apply solely due to that single faculty member. If there are multiple professors you'd be interesting in working under, then I think you should definitely apply and have a good chance of getting in. 

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