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Masters Student Classes to Take for Stat PhD for 2020 application

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I will be starting biostatistics program at Harvard this fall. I went to one of ivys for undergrad (I studied chem eng in undergrad so I have only taken a few math/cs classes: Cal I,II,II, Linear algebra, Differential equation, statistics, applied statistics, CS I, Python computing, and engineering mathematics) and have pretty decent GRE scores (165, 169, 5). My research has been focused on AI work and big data analysis for infectious diseases. Ultimately, I plan to apply to statistics and OR PhD programs next fall. I am planning to take classes listed below during my graduate study. There are five required classes for my program, and I can take 5 classes in biostatistics, statistics, math, and CS department in addition to two thesis classes:

1) Applied Regression Analysis (Required)

2) Basic of Statistical Inference (Required)

3) Applied Survival Analysis (Required)

4) Applied Longitudinal Analysis (Required)

5) Database Analytics in Pharmacoepidemiology (Required)

6)  Applied Bayesian Analysis

7)  Data Science I

8 ) Data Science II

9)  Applied Machine Learning

10) Artificial Intelligence - CS


I plan to apply to following programs:


  1. MIT- operations research (analytics track)
  2. Stanford- Operations, information and technology
  3. Harvard- Biostatistics
  4. Harvard- business school Technology operations management 
  5. Princeton- Operational research
  6. Cornell- Operational research
  7. Upenn- OR
  8. Chicago- Statistics
  9. Duke- Statistics
  10. Carnegie Mellon- Statistics
  11. Columbia- IEOR
  12. NYU stern- operations and management sciences 
  13. Brown- Biostatistics
  14. UNC - Biostatistics

I have been lurking this forum for a while and found out that some schools prefer students to have taken classes in real analysis. Other than real analysis, what other classes are presumed prerequisites for stats PhD? Also, if I need to swap some of my planned classes, which ones should I not take for a better chance for stats PhD?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. 


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Since you studied engineering at an Ivy League school, I imagine that you would have a pretty good shot at top programs if you perform well in your Masters program. For Statistics and Biostatistics, you certainly need to take real analysis -- I would recommend two semesters of it. In general, it does not seem like the specific choice of Statistics electives is that crucial, but I would probably swap out Data Science I and Data Science II on your planned courses with courses that are a bit more "mathematical" (like Multivariate Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Numerical Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Numerical Analysis, etc.). These courses would be much more relevant to Operations Research and Statistics/Biostatistics.

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