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  1. Still haven't heard from Hopkins (biostats) although most of the interviews/rejects have been sent already.. Do they usually send batch interviews/rejects?
  2. Looks like Princeton sent out invites this morning. Is it not advisable to email POI about application status if you didn’t get interview invites?
  3. @Gauss2017 Thank you so much! I will keep that in my mind. Your suggested classes definitely seem to be good elective courses to take during my last semester.
  4. @Gauss2017 Thank you so much! Your insights have been very helpful. I did email Blitzstein a few days ago and got the permission to take Stat 210 in the fall. I've been told that he is an amazing professor that truly enables you to 'understand' probability, and your suggestion confirms once again that I should take his class during my first semester. I pretty much have my first semester figured out at this moment with the inclusion of stat 210 and will talk to my advisor about the second/third semester once I start my program in the fall. Once again- thank you so much for your help.
  5. Hello everyone, I will be beginning biostat grad program at Harvard in the fall. I ultimately plan to apply to statistics/OR PhD programs next year (I will be completing my MS next fall). I am aware of the fact that many graduate schools prefer students to have completed two semesters of real analysis, and I have been definitely planning to take graduate-level real analysis courses at Harvard graduate school. However, I come from a non-mathematics background (my degree is in chemical engineering from one of the ivies, and I have not taken proof-based math classes in undergrad), and
  6. @Applied Math to Stat Thank you! I will probably swap out both data science classes and take two semesters of real analysis. Thank you for your suggestion!
  7. Hello, I will be starting biostatistics program at Harvard this fall. I went to one of ivys for undergrad (I studied chem eng in undergrad so I have only taken a few math/cs classes: Cal I,II,II, Linear algebra, Differential equation, statistics, applied statistics, CS I, Python computing, and engineering mathematics) and have pretty decent GRE scores (165, 169, 5). My research has been focused on AI work and big data analysis for infectious diseases. Ultimately, I plan to apply to statistics and OR PhD programs next fall. I am planning to take classes listed below during my graduate stud
  8. Hi @simianvirus ! If you applied to Brown via SOPHAS, how did you get your decision? Did you get a direct email from them? please let me know. Thank you. Also, did you apply to their AM or ScM program?
  9. Hello, I applied to a few stat/biostat masters and PhD programs. Since the submission of my application (11/30 for most schools), I have yet to heard back from most schools. I am most interested in attending Harvard's biostatistics program which has historically released its decisions pretty late (on March). Since I submitted my application, I published one paper in a reputable public health journal and am currently revising another paper that is relevant in public health. Additionally, I have started a nonprofit health organization with some of my colleges which has made a lot of p
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