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Advice on universities for a Ph. D. in structural/earthquake engineering?

David Silva

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I was looking for advice on continuing my education towards a Ph.D.  I am a civil engineer graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2016, I was an international student and had a mediocre GPA of 3.3. I have been working for 1 and a half years in a structural/ earthquake engineering firm in my home country, Ecuador. I applied this year for M.S. in structural engineering but wanted to emphasize in earthquake engineering at US universities. I applied to 6 US schools and ended up picking UCLA for Fall 2018 but my dream school was UC Berkeley. What do I need to achieve if I wanted to pursue my Ph.D. either at UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech, Stanford or UW ? 

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Hey David, I see your post and I am currently searching for structural programs at US universities. I want to ask you if you get admitted in one of them and how it was? 

I am from Cusco, Peru, where I have 1 year of experience in structural designs and 1 year of working with an university professor. 

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