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  1. Hi I was looking for advice on continuing my education towards a Ph.D. I am a civil engineer graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2016, I was an international student and had a mediocre GPA of 3.3. I have been working for 1 and a half years in a structural/ earthquake engineering firm in my home country, Ecuador. I applied this year for M.S. in structural engineering but wanted to emphasize in earthquake engineering at US universities. I applied to 6 US schools and ended up picking UCLA for Fall 2018 but my dream school was UC Berkeley. What do I need to achieve if I wanted to purs
  2. For all the MS Structural Engineering Applicants for UC Berkeley I received the following response
  3. I did the same. I am just waiting for a rejection to be honest. Fortunately, I have some other great options
  4. Can you please tell me if that website is the same to the one where you submit you application? I am applying to MS in structural engineering and haven’t received a response yet
  5. Hello does anyone know when will Berkeley decisions arrive ? I am applying to a MS in Structural Engineering. That's my only decision left in order to make a decision of where I will be attending
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