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Where should I look to apply for PhD in statistics?

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Hello Everyone. I am applying to PhD programs in statistics in a few months and wonder what sort of schools in terms of ranking should I apply for. Appreciate any help. 
Undergrad/grad Institution:  University of Southern California 
1. Applied Mathematics
2. Economics
(Dual Degree: 160+ unites)
1. Mathematical Finance
GPA: 3.43/4.0 cumulative,  around the same for major GPA
Type of Student: White  -US Citizen 
Graduate Courses:
Advanced econometrics  (A-)
Applied probability (A-)
Time series analysis (B+)
Q: 167
V: 155
W: 4.5
Programs Applying: 
Statistics PhD
Research Experience: 
Currently a research assistant in mathematics related topics at the mathematics department in my school 
Recommendation Letter: 
Three, with two professors that I've done research with ; I know they like my professionalism and will reflect that in their letters 
Coding Experience:
R, Matlab, C++
Other experience: 
Two internship: one as data analyst in a small bank and one as quantitative analyst in a major wall street investment firm  
Research scholarship awarded for predicting gold prices with statistical method 
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What are you grades in your undergraduate math/stats classes specifically real analysis, calculus, mathematical statistics, probability, linear algebra, and any other statistics courses.  It's hard to answer without context on grades.  There are also dozens of programs and where to apply depends on research interests, location preferences, and risk tolerance.

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How important is it to you to have options or run the risk of no offers.  Some people prefer to be cautious to manage stress/anxiety and others aren't bothered by that during the waiting game.

On ideas for where to apply, your grades are a little low (probability and calculus are important, but USC may have a reputation for grade deflation I am not aware of. Try to get an A in real analysis because it could really help you out. 

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