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Going to the ASA annual meeting while not in school?


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I am trying to decide if going to the ASA annual meeting would be good for me. Currently, I'm not in school and am working in research at a think tank, which gives me time off/reimburses for conferences. I'm applying to grad school this fall, am very interested in the theme this year,  and it's close to me, but I'm not in grad school (and am also not an undergrad). A mentor of mine is going, but none of my friends in sociology grad programs are this year because they don't think it's worth it, so I'd be going alone. Could I get anything out of going? Has anyone gone under similar circumstances?

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Go, especially if your work will pay for some/all of it. It will give you ideas for your statement on your grad school applications and the chance to see and hear what faculty you might be interested in working with are currently working on. There's been a movement on twitter lately among sociology faculty to meet with interested students: check the #ASAcoffeeonme hashtag and there might be some profs you'll be interested in meeting. 

I went once when I wasn't in grad school and I found it an excellent experience to hear what people were working on and to informally reconnect with some people I knew who were also there.

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