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Biostats profile eval

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Yes, I’m sure everyone is sick of seeing these posts by now, but I really am in need of some insight for my biostats application. (Would like to go for my PhD)

Undergrad institution: Mid sized state university 
Undergrad GPA: 3.87 (math gpa:3.85, stats gpa: 3.96)
Majors: Applied math, statistics
GRE: Haven’t taken yet

Math/stat courses:

Calc 1-3, honors linear algebra, 2 semesters of theoretical 1-variable calculus, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, differential equations, vector analysis, mathematical bio, 2 semesters of probability, 2 semesters of math stats, stochastic processes, data science, categorical analysis, stat packages

Other relevant courses: bio 1-2, chem 1-2, computational biology, engineering analysis (matlab, bash scripting), physics 1

Letters of Recommendation:

2 from professors I do research with, 1 with professor I know well

Research Experience: 

-i work during the year as a research assistant in my university’s biostats department

-REU (computational science, using statistical genetics)


Teaching Experience: 

- TA for math department

-tutor at math assistance center

-mentored high school student and incoming freshmen in the honors college



- R (advanced)

-matlab (proficient)

-python (profiecient)

-sas (beginner)

Research Interests: Statistical genetics, comp bio, causal inference

Applying: ????

I have heard Michigan and Harvard have very strong statistical genetics programs, but I am thinking those are very much a reach, although it would be amazing to go to one of these schools. I would like to go for my PhD, although if I can find funding I would be willing to do masters before going on to get my PhD.


Any insight is appreciated!


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