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PsyD vs PhD solid programs? Help!

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This is a two part question my fellow psych grad school students. I think I am way more interested in PsyD programs than PhD programs as I like the idea of more clinical and a little less research based. That being said, I'm still open to PhD options but had a really serious illness for one year of college and bottom line only have a 3.0 GPA. But, I did really well this past junior year, and worked at a counseling health center all summer. I will be a senior this year and want to apply to some of these PsyD programs but know I have a low chance of acceptance at some higher ranked schools. I'm curious of any moderately good PsyD (or PhD but not preferred) that may still accept me?

I will be taking the GRE soon and will do anything to improve my chances. I want to work at a hospital as a clinical psychology or the forensic setting. I would really not prefer to do a masters program but might look at that if I have no other chances. I'm from Chicago and go to college in Wisconsin but would probably go anywhere for a school that's pretty good and would accept me! I just don't want to ay everywhere and waste money and time. Thanks. 

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A big component to applications is research fit, even with PsyDs because you still need to do some research and complete a dissertation. All APA accredited programs are required to report admissions data, so you can look at programs with potential research fit and see what the average GPAs and GRE scores were for incoming students in the last years. You also want to look at these statistics in terms of the internship match rate (the higher, the better) and number of students admitted (the lower the better).

In regards to the PhD/PsyD research and clinical dichotomy, a lot of research has shown that clinical PhD students actually have more clinical hours documented at the time of applying for internship than PsyDs, so there should not be that drastic a difference there. PhDs do end up doing more research work, but that's usually how they get funded rather than paying tuition and having to scrounge up jobs on the side. 

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