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2019 MS STAT Profile Evaluation (Need help picking schools)

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Undergrad Institution: UNC 
Major(s): Stat and Econ
GPA: 3.5 (i know :/) no excuses there really slacked off in college
Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male

GRE General Test:
 169 V: 161 W: 4.5 
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: Didn't take (should I take it?)
Classes: (really ****ed myself up here)
Calc 1-2: High School  Calc 3: B Econometric: A- DiffEq: C Linear Algebra: B Probability: A Stochastic: B Optimization: B Time Series(Grad level Class): B+ Other math and econ classes: Bs and As
As in couple other stat modeling class focused on SAS, R, and Excel 

LoR: From stat and econ professor I have good relationships with. Expect them to be average. 
I graduated this past May and is currently working as a Business/ Data analyst at a large credit union. I used lots of SQL, Tableau and little bits of R at work. I'm thinking about applying to master program this cycle. I'm interested in data science/ machine learning fields. I've heard that traditional stat programs are better than the newer data science programs? What are my chances at mid- high tier programs ?
Schools I'm interested in applying to: 
UNC, NCSU, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, U Penn, Michigan, CMU, Harvard (Data science) anyone knows this program?
Any schools I should add or take off?
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I'm assuming the "other math and econ classes" didn't include anything proofs-based, right (like the usual Real Analysis, Topology, Abstract Algebra)?  I'm guessing you would've mentioned those, but just to make sure, since I don't recall seeing many people go quite so concise on their listings of math classes.  Your GPA really isn't that bad, although your major GPA would be more telling. 

I'll try not to assume more authority than I'm warranted, but I feel like most folks who post on here with similar GPA's, GRE's, and school prestige would be considered competitive for pretty much any Master's, including those you mentioned.  Your B in Linear Algebra might hurt that a bit (along with Calc 3, although that may matter less), but at least your A in Probability is good.  I'll split the difference and say you'll be competitive at any master's program except the very very top ones, but it's not like I have any foreknowledge of Master's admissions, so if you have the money you might as well just try for the top one/ones.  Good luck!


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