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AW score of 4 -- what to do?


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(Apologies for double-posting. This is my first (well, second) time posting here, so I'm unsure of the rules, and I want to get a wider perspective.)

I plan to apply for PhD in Philosophy in the U.S. -- currently thinking about: Columbia, Chicago, Stanford, Virginia, Northwestern, Illinois, and Brown. 

Both my verbal and quant are 162, and I'm happy with them. But I just got my result for AW today -- 4, in the 59th percentile. (I was expecting at least a 4.5, as I'm quite good at writing papers -- rather bummed out at this point.) I'm not sure what to do. Should I retake the test, basically for the sake of getting a (slightly) better AW score -- even though of course, I would need to study for verbal and quant again?

I know GRE is only a (less important) component of the application, and to be honest I would rather spend my time focusing on SOP and writing sample. But my worry is that a AW score of 4 seems to be a bit low, especially for Philosophy, where the average is close to 4.5.

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I'm wondering the same as well. I scored a 160 on quant but otherwise identical score. an acquaintance of mine who got into purdue mentioned that anything lower than 5.0 might significantly affect chances of getting in to a top tier school ?

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