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  1. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Noice. How'd your skype interview go? was it last fri?
  2. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    The forum's gone a lil quiet. Thought I'd bump it a little. So I've emailed POIs from all 30 schools from my first cut and most of them replied. Some had very short replies, some much longer. Based on those I've narrowed it down to 9 schools. Might cut it further. Most of them said we can discuss things at a later point (aka, get through the first cut then we'll see). One of the POIs wanted to have a skype call and she was super nice. I highlighted that I was worried that though my verbal and quant scores were pretty good, my awa scores were pretty low (4.0). She looked a little concerned, but mentioned that if my awa score is low, they'd refer to my SOP/Personal statement to see if my writing was truly rubbish. It also helped that we skyped, so she knows I don't have problems putting my thoughts into words. So for those in a similar situation, get your SOP out and bug people to read it to help your chances.
  3. I guess the primary question would be: why do you want to do your PhD? Why not find a job and make money instead? I believe these questions need be answered first. I do think your experience is quite alright. You just need spruce your CV up to highlight your experience more explicitly and prove that your command of english is solid and that you can write well (especially since your AWA was 4.0)
  4. loffire

    How well do I match with top grad schools?

    Then it sounds like you have all bases covered! I would suggest contacting them now! that's what I'm doing hahaha. i had a list of about 23 progs that had POIs i was interested in, then culled some based on the interactions with them! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with (eg. CV or something.)
  5. loffire

    How well do I match with top grad schools?

    Thank you for accepting my honest feedback 😂 I say the things I say cos I think your profile is similar to mine. I graduated with a 3.6+ gpa as well. Though most schools state 3.5 as a min, the more competitive schools might very well have a higher unofficial cutoff (aka your application never reaches the POIs). Your GREs then have to be stellar. Some people say 310 is good. I think you might need 160ish for V and Q and probably a 5.0 for AWA. 1 publication is good! really sell your research experiences in your CV. last 2 times I applied I either failed to contact POIs or contacted them without including my CV in the email. This year I included my CV detailing everything I've done and have gotten pretty good replies. You probably also need little more research exposure. Not just running assays but like from scratch to finish, lit review, being involved in designing an experiment, running the experiment and collecting data, analyzing, writing portion of the manuscript. The more "intellectual contribution" to a research project. These are things I believe POIs are looking for. Then again I could be entirely wrong. I've applied twice without success so what do I know hahahahah 😭 TL;DR, You need to show you've been had intellectual contribution to research projects and when you contact POIs, find people who really do something you think would be a good fit, include your CV and get a discussion started. (doesn't need be exactly same. same theme different mechanism or something to that extent) I think you're off to a good start. So apply to those schools you mentioned (they're grrrrrrreat!) but also look at not so premium schools. like public/state colleges eg. SUNY colleges or like UC merced or something (those are just examples cos I have no idea what exactly your interest is or where they do what you wanna do. Feel free to clarify anything or ask further question. Also please use bowl of salt. kthxbai
  6. I think that's the route to take. To explain how being afraid held you back and show how you've grown out of it and can handle grad school by giving examples.
  7. Compared to last year, this year when I sent out emails I included my CV and did a short write up on my research interest as well as how I thought our interests aligned. I got much better responses. Sometimes I sent an email saying "Although I realize our research interests are not a perfect fit, I believe my research interests tie in with the overarching themes of your lab due to x,y,x." Hope this helps!
  8. loffire

    How well do I match with top grad schools?

    Competition should be steep and honestly I think they might be a bit of a reach, but no harm aiming for them. I would recommend looking at less competitive schools as well
  9. loffire

    Best Laptops for Research-- 2018

    I think the dell xps 13 might be good?
  10. I might be wrong, but some programs state that they take the latest if you've had several attempts
  11. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Though i think once you've confirmed your list of schools you'd wanna send your gre scores and transcript asap. That way if things dont line up you have enough time to resend. Towards the deadline the committee gets overwhelmed with e-mails wrt missing items so you might end up waiting a week or 2 for them to find everything which can be costly. About 4 of the schools I applied to previously didn't manage to compile all my materials before the grad comm convened so i'd recommend gres and transcripts (IF they need hardcopies) even if you haven't worked on the rest of the application materials. OH and give your LOR writers plenty of time. they tend to get busy and forget. One of my LOR came in super late cos his comp crashed. I'd recommend asking your LORs to be submitted like 1.5-2 weeks before deadline so you can still bug them and get it all in by deadline
  12. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Jumping in on the bandwagon! Program of Interest: PhD in Social Psych [affective (neuro)science] Schools of Interest: Narrowed down to slightly over 25. Sending e-mails out to POIs and will further cull depending on interactions and feels. Research Interests: 1) perception, regulation and expression of emotions 2) how they impact clinical outcomes and psychopathology Educational Background: B.A. (Psychology) 3.62 gpa Things I'm Not Worried About: Nothing actually. LOL. im worried about everything... Things I'm Worried About: 1) I graduated from a R1 university but I'm an international student. worried about qouta on that 2) My AWA for GREs was 4.0 and having retaken it, it was exactly the same. Afraid that will hurt me (especially cos "i'm not a native english speaker") 3) My LORs come from people who haven't really carved a name for themselves in the field. 1 is an asst prof. another an adjunct prof in a community college. the only one who has solid publications in nature/science etc is a senior scientist who taught 2 modules that i took and cant say much about my research. 4) my UG gpa is 3.62. not. great. 5) lack of publications. I have 1 publication in a low tiered journal (2nd author). 1 poster presentation, 2 oral presentations. my publications were supposed to be the biggest change from last application, but a number of manuscripts got rejected due to them being null (they want us to do further testing, but being a small lab, we're out of funds). 6) my 3rd time applying. my profs say they don't understand why I haven't gotten in based on my research experience. i'm guessing publications are a real make-or-break factor these days.
  13. loffire

    What to say in email to professor

    trololol! i got almost identical emails from a few professors even though i applied a year apart. went back to compare for kicks 😂🤣😂😭
  14. loffire

    Concerns about applying this year

    roger that 😅
  15. loffire

    Concerns about applying this year

    if you don't mind me hijacking this thread, i scored 162v160q but my awa was 4.0 and i'm worried that my awa is gonna affect my chances, especially since im an international student. I graduated from university at buffalo so I don't need take a toefl despite being an international student. Would taking it perhaps help with my shitty awa score? Does anyone have any insight with regard to that? Appreciate any advice!

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