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  1. loffire

    Fall 2019 Social Psychology Applicant Thread

    affective neuroscience. How's your application coming along? Sop all sorted?
  2. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Depends on the school tbh. They usually indicate if they'll take the most recent. Some schools accept several and look at them as a whole. clinical progs are prob the most competitive. But if you've got ample clinical and research experience, found advisors with a good fit and have a solid SOP, I think you'll be alright Luck!
  3. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    McRae and tenBrinke Applying to 11 as well! 10 US 1 CA I did as well. Though I think it's a super reach school, I wanna do affective neuro so applied to their affective track
  4. loffire

    Fall 2019 Social Psychology Applicant Thread

    I've submitted one and will be submitting the bulk end of the week. waiting on one of my professors to send me his edits on my SOP
  5. loffire

    Accepted PHD Students and GRE

    Seeing that youre applying to clinical I would say your second one! your quant isn't brilliant but in no way do I think its bad at all. so definitely second imo
  6. Im an international student as well. I feel like we need to stand out from the crowd (competition for international students is stiff!) and these sections are the best spots to try stand out by talking about things that make you unique.
  7. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Sending good vibes your way Just nail your SOP and you'll be metaphorical gold haha . I literally just submitted my first application. Will be submitting the rest by end of the week. I haven't been sleeping well to be honest. Just all the different blind spots I'm trying to cover floating around in the back of my head. Every school having different standards/ formats/requirements is really messing with me Ooooh I'm applying to Denver to. Wait DU is the same as University of Denver right? I'm applying to their affective/social/cognitive track
  8. loffire

    Statement of Purpose Hook vs Straight

    I would think if you had a word limit and you don't have enough space to really cover all the important points you need cover then it might be prudent to forgo the hook (I did that for UNC which had a 700 word limit). that said I do think getting a short and good hook that really carries your personality across can do wonders for your application :)
  9. loffire

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Sounds like you have a LOT of research experience. If you have half that amount of relevant clinical experience I'd be shocked if you don't get into a top prog!
  10. Do you guys list your posters/abstracts in the application forms? Maybe under publications or other sections?
  11. @FallGO Different schools have different policies. Some schools will take the better, some the more recent even if it isnt your best, some will allow you send both and assess based on both. So you might wanna check that out. Do also remember that just the raw score isnt as important. If you look at the percentiles, your first score (both in their 80s vs your second one with v in high 80s n q in low 70s) might be better since the verbal percentile does not jump much around those scores but the quant does (more people scoring perfect for quant). In short, if your written score goes up, choose the later one, otherwise I'd recommend your earlier one.
  12. I might be alone in thinking this, but id recommend looking for a place to do a supervised honors thesis. This will give you a significant amount of interaction with a professor (or 2), and I think the process will better prepare you for graduate school compared to online course style you've had. All the best
  13. loffire

    Social Psych Profile Evaluation

    I think if you can sum up your experiences and sell yourself well on the SOP you should be good!
  14. I believe that as long as your SOP is super solid (like no grammar, spelling errors etc especially since you are a non-native english speaker) and your LoR writers can vouch for your writing abilities in English, you should not have a problem. Focus on these things you can control for now
  15. loffire

    GRE is making me want to give up grad school

    I personally used magoosh and brought my verbal and quant scores up by like 6points? unfortunately all 3 attempts, my awa stayed the same. I cant write well without having time to get drunk, writing drunk 😂 damn ets and their no alcoholic drinks policy

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