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  1. Sounds like a lot of schools are done with invites
  2. Yeah i think it's just a follow up after the interviews past monday. Borelli also emailed me saying they didnt get a photo of me and asked me to send in a photo. I think the profs are deliberating with the grad students on who's a good fit for the prog and school culture
  3. I spoke to someone on the forum who mentioned they received an interview invite from dartmouth some time back. I applied there too and haven't heard anything. But seeing that it's been some time since the interview invite was sent, I think it's best we assume it's done and move on after a few more drinks
  4. I would recommend brushing up on your research statement and lines of research you potentially would like to do there. They'll probably not quiz you on your POIs work and ask more about your work to see if you'll be a good fit (personality and all) for the school, department and the labs. all the best!
  5. I heard back from U of T. Kinda. Was a weird email about bidding for residences and them emphasizing that this was not an offer of admission. Got me all giddy for a bit there
  6. loffire

    Irvine, CA

    SNA is not popular for international flights. So it costs 1k more for me to fly there instead of LAX. UCI has accommodations for the dates im invited for the interview. But like i mentioned earlier, i wanna fly in 1-2 days earlier to shake off the jetlag as much as possible. But thank you for the recommendation! I shall look at airbnbs around longbeach
  7. One of my LoR writer does the same thing. He waits till the last day to submit everything. I have him on fb so I pmed him like 4hrs before the deadline and he got it all in on time! Sending good vibes your way hahah
  8. loffire

    Irvine, CA

    Hi guys, I got invited for interview at UCI. I am an international student and will be flying about 26hours to reach cali. I plan to fly in 1 or 2 days earlier to get some rest and shake off as much jet lag as I possibly can. Any advice on where is a good place to stay maybe between LAX and UCI?
  9. This is gold hahah I hope you got your LoR in time and (get) your scholarship!
  10. I know algoe had sent out an invite, and i'm fairly certain lindquist has someone in mind already. If you are applying to someone else other than these 2 then let's hope you hear back within the week
  11. Columbia university not the teacher's college. the general psych dept
  12. Oh nice! I guess if i dont hear back from them soon i shall have to cross them out too
  13. At the end of the day, it is afterall who knows you. And you guys didnt end up here by chance. All the best for your interviews at UCLA!
  14. As with a number of others here, I have high score in one (90s for verbal, 70s for quant) and a rubbish score in another (50s for awa . I got one interview. So I think there might be some saving grace. Might need review after this cycle is over hahah
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