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  1. no one can give me some hint?? >_<
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently applying for several PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering based in the US. I made a list containing all the universities that I planned to apply for but not quite sure if they match my background, so I really hope to get some advice on what universities should I aim for. Here is some information about me. Research interest: Control, (especially on Autonomous vehicle), robotics GPA: Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering) (3.73/4) in China Master (Electrical Engineering) (3.96/4) Columbia University, N.Y. TOEFL: R-30, L-28, S-22, W-25 (Overall-105) GRE: V-156, Q-170, AWA-3 (15th percentile..one of my major concerns) Award: None Research: Summer Research in UW-Madison, about the control of autonomous vehicle, no publication, two tech reports, willing to offer a great letter Research at Columbia, about rehabilitation robotics, no publication, an ordinary reference letter course project at Columbia Work Experience: None Goal University: UT-Austin, Umich, Ann Arbor, OSU, PSU, UC Davis, Virginia Tech, UW-Madison, Notre Dame, RPI I do have an skype chat with prof. from UT Austin and RPI, they all have open positions and encourage me to apply. Some professors in other university replied my email and gave some positive response (at least in my opinion). But I am afraid the ranking of ME for universities I choose is a little bit high... (20-40) If you have any insights, please feel free to share. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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