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Do I have a chance?


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My background, I have a BS in communication at a mediocre school in OR. I really want to study PTSD and create effective treatments for veterans. I am currently a freelance visual designer and have been working in my field for 4 years.

I think the best way to do this would be to go pre-med and try to become a psychiatrist. I have not started the hours of research to figure out what path I need to make this happen but I know I want this, bad. There is no much research lacking in that department and I know I can help people. I have also considered a hybrid degree involving AI, computer science, and medicine.

So with a 3.01 undergrad GPA in communication, is this an insane desire? Or do I have a chance? I wanna add that the first time around I had an infant and was unmedicated ADHD, I am currently medicated and have a full-time nanny. I haven't taken the MCAT yet.


So what are your guy's thoughts? Should I take the MCAT and see where I am at? give up entirely? focus on something closer to my field? 

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