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Can CGS-D be changed to PGS-D unconditionally?


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Hello, I am trying to apply for NSERC CGS-D or PGS-D. I have two questions regarding on the both program.

(1) I am just wondering in case I get the CGS-D, can I change it to PGS-D unconditionally later (because I may want to go to a foreign school if I get admission)?  The following is the quote from NSERC website.



"If you are offered a CGS D, but decide to take your award to an eligible foreign institution and are eligible to do so, you must decline the CGS D and accept a PGS D award in its place."


It does not mention if CGS-D can be changed to PGS-D unconditionally? If not, under what circumstance can this be changed? 


(2) And if I apply for CGS-D and do not rank high enough among other candidate and do not get it, will I be considered for PGS-D by NSERC? 

Thank you.

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