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Thoughts On Contractions In SOP?

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Hi all,


I'm currently writing a SOP for a Master's Degree in Public Policy (MPP). Some of the schools I'm looking at have a word limit for their SOP, while many have a simple two page cap. 


For the SOPs with word caps (500 or less), I used contractions a handful of times to stay below the word cap. Two of LOR reviewed my SOPs, and had conflicting views.


One advised me to get rid of every contraction to make the writing a little more professional - the other said it was fine, given that the prompts usually wanted me to describe myself in my own voice, and I demonstrate strong writing with the flow. 


I'm leaning towards getting rid of the contractions for the SOPs where I have enough page space, but the 500 words or less cap makes it a little difficult. I'd just appreciate a third opinion.


Thank you!

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Although I love contractions, I have always avoided them when writing for a more formal or professional setting. That's what I was taught in school, and I suppose I agree with this "rule" somewhat. I think if you still want to get your story/point across in the 500 words SOPs without getting rid of necessary info., I would say keep the contractions. I feel like the SOPs for telling the admission committee about who you are, how you connect with the university, and how you will help the university grow as well as how the university will help you grow. As long as you get those points across and have them flow together (which it seems like you have already achieved, which is awesome), I don't think the contractions will be that big of a deal.

Also, I just want to say that I hate the 500 word cap limit for some of the SOPs. I feel like that is not enough room to actually write about why you want to go to grad school, etc. Okay, rant over! I hope helps a little.

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