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Fall 2019 Profile Evaluation EE PhD


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Hey guys, I'd appreciate if you can evaluate my profile for PhD in Electrical Engineering. Really getting very anxious about the admission process...

Here are my stats:

  •  Concentration: Control, signal processing and communications
  •  Background: BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from an unknown south american university, but the best in the country and ABET accredited
  •  Rank: Class topper in BS and MS.
  •  GRE: Q:166, V: 151, AWA:3.5
  •  TOEFL: 106
  •  Research: I did research in IC design during BS and in control during MS. First author of 5 conference papers ( 3 published, 1 accepted, 1 under review).  All of them in IEEE international conferences and peer-reviewed, not top venues though. I got some funding to travel to these conferences and present my work.
  • Teaching: TA in seven courses in the past two years.
  • LORs: 2 letters from advisors of my BS and MS thesis and who are coauthors of my papers. They know me well but are not known in the field. The other letter is from a professor who worked as a research scientist in the USA, however, it's "good student" letter.
  • Job experience: Internship in control engineering  3 years ago.
  •  Universities I plan to apply:
  1. MIT
  2. Caltech
  3. UC Berkeley
  4. U of Washington (Seattle)
  5. U of Michigan Ann Arbor
  6. UCSD
  7. UCLA
  8. UC Riverside
  9. Northeastern
  10. UC Irvine

Thanks !




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