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Would these count as diversity?

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I'm currently applying to PhD programs in education, all in the LA area (UCLA, USC, and Loyola). I was wondering if it makes sense to highlight in my SoP for the section on personal history/diversity my sexuality (I'm gay) and the fact that I am a candidate for ministry in the Presbyterian Church. I am a little wary of putting too much personal information in the application, since I'd rather have my experience and research interests speak for themselves, but considering these are both pretty important aspects of my personality, I can't really leave them out. Do you think admissions committees would look at this as diversity? I'm a little worried that the religious dimension will seem strange to secular academics (although I should note that my MDiv is from a very well-respected research university, not a bible college). I'm a white man, by the way.

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not an expert by far, but strangely, being gay might be easier to work in than your candidacy for ministry. you might wanna work in how you might have faced adversity from being gay and/or how it helps give you a different perspective? Also totally curious as to how the church leadership dealt with your sexuality (being someone who used to serve in ministry a lifetime ago) hahaha. you don't have to respond to that at all and I apologize if that was inappropriate :)

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