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Advice for a low GPA in fisheries




I am posting here mostly because I am freaking out.  My anxiety is constantly telling me I'm not good enough to pursue my dreams of graduate school and it feels like an uphill battle I am bound to lose.  I was hoping by posting my stats I could find some comfort or directions on how to improve my application.

I want to work with salmonids and am trying to pursue a graduate degree in fisheries.  

I took the GRE yesterday and am not sure if my scores are good enough.  I got a 154Q and 157V, waiting on the writing section.

My undergraduate GPA is less than desirable with a 3.02 cumulative, a 2.86 in upper division courses, and a 2.97 in the last two years. As an undergraduate I was really lost and depressed, I had no clue about what I wanted to do with my life.  I barely wanted to be alive, let alone make plans for my future.  In the spring semester of my junior year I got involved with lab on campus and for the first time in my life actually had passion to do something.  My grades improved but since it was towards the end of my undergraduate degree I was taking harder classes and mostly received Bs.  However, even then I don't think I was performing at my full potential.  

It's roughly been two and half years since I've graduated.  I have worked in the field since graduation, mostly working for subcontractors for the state but have been offered a job working for USFW (GS 6).  I have taken an online Ichthyology class as a post baccalaureate where I received an A, and am currently taking a second class. I'm not really sure how to improve my application from here and am overwhelmed with anxiety.

I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone might have for me. 

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I'm new too so please wait for advice from more seasoned people, but I think you just gave a very strong case for grad school.

You had eh grades because you were missing a direction, which you found, which can be supported by the field work and online classes. You have a professional project/passion and you actually have evidence for your narrative.

When you apply, it's okay to explain where you're coming from but I would avoid dwelling too much on your anxiety and insecurities -- nothing wrong with that, but your SOP should be more about how you're striving to be where you want to be and how you're doing it. On a separate note thanks for sharing, late teens/early twenties can be dark.

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