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What does a good SLP applicant look like? (my stats and feel free to share yours)

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I come from a very non-competitive school, and I have dreams much bigger than what the school I'm at is capable of doing for me. Unfortunately, because of how easy my current program is, I have no idea what it takes to get into other programs other than the basic GRE/GPA minimums and averages listed on their sites. Specifically, I'm in love with the idea of going into the MedSLP program at University of Washington. Below that, I'm looking at state schools like Michigan State University and University of Florida, as two examples. I think I may be able to get into some of the less prestigious (but still good) schools, but hopefully I'm not in for a shock. The MedSLP at UW is definitely a stretch for me, but I'm really curious as to what kind of backgrounds get people accepted/waitlisted there. The stats I've seen on gradcafe are very minimal. That place really is my dream school. 


My stats:

GRE- 155V/157Q/4.5AW (considering retaking to get that verbal score up, I've scored better on practice tests) 

GPA- 3.95

GPM- 4.0

My experience is minimal when it comes to the field of SLP because I transferred into the program last year from biology at a different school. I do everything that's expected though as far as NSSLHA, observation, a small amount of volunteering, and I've also done quite a bit of research in the past year. I think my resume was much more impressive when I was a biology major, with a high GPA and an amazing research experience in biochemistry that took me to conferences across the country. But honestly, I have no idea if schools care about that since it's not related to SLP (it shows I have an aptitude toward science-based classes though).  I've also served on various executive boards for all 4 years of undergrad and have been a very active student around campus at both schools, just not particularly toward my field. And my LOR's come from two professors, each of whom I did research for, and a clinician I've shadowed a few times. I'm a good student and I know that my current school wants me to be a grad assistant and research assistant next year in their grad program, but I really just want to make it into some of these better schools with more opportunities specifically in the medical settings. 


Thoughts? Feel free to post your stats and school preferences too if you want. I'm curious to know what kind of other applicants are out there. I'm sure lots of you guys blow me out of the water!



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First of all, I think you should give yourself more credit! It sounds like you’ve worked hard and have done some incredible things. ? I remember grad apps being totally confusing because on one hand, people would say you have to do XYZ to be a strong applicant, but on the other hand, people say doing those same XYZ is too “predictable” and doesn’t help you stand out! Yet it’s true, this is a competitive field and you have to do some of the “predictable” stuff while also standing out somehow.

So there are tons of ways someone can be a strong applicant. A more productive question would be, given your background and experiences, what do you think are your personal strengths? Lean into those and build them in a way that will make grad schools care, and you’ll be a strong applicant!

As for my own stats when applying, briefly I had 163/163 GRE, 3.9 GPA, research experience, ABA experience, etc. Totally have met people who are way more impressive, and the funny thing is they would say the same about me. Imposter syndrome in this field is real but you have people already trying to grab you for a reason ? Best of luck! Feel free to PM me for info on UW or more grad application stuff

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It is hard to say what makes a "good" application. It changes so much each year because of the applicant pool. I think you have strong scores and a strong GPA. Don't downplay your experience with biology research and stuff, it is still relevant and important to include! I was accepted into a top 25 school with a major GPA of 3.79, overall GPA of 3.48 and GRE scores of 145V 144Q and 3AW. But I did have an internship with an SLP at a private practice, research and worked with kids for 5 years. I always tell people to focus more on things like their personal statement because that is what you have total control over, and also choose your recommendation writers carefully!

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