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The Most Underrepresented Group in the White House: The Youth

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Good evening, friends and colleagues! I would like to approach you with a crucial issue that our governmental bodies are facing today--a biased demographic, in an underrepresentation of one of the largest and most integral segments of our population: the youth. Please help me advocate for this cause by signing the petition on We the People at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/most-underrepresented-group-white-house-youth. Thank you very, very much for your support!

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Wow in addition to being sort of spam, it's crazy how lacking in understanding this petition is about any semblance of civic knowledge and in my opinion cannot possibly come from an American. Copying and pasting the text here to save everyone a click. First off, the the insinuation that congress=white house is hilarious, because the buildings are actually two miles apart from each other and encompass totally different branches of government. A lot of political science literature insinuates that Americans are dumb. But everyone knows white house=president. Secondly, it's trying to subvert the entire democratic process, which idk if you're trying to start that big a revolution, perhaps among the least effective things you can do is to start a petition on a federal government website. Also the entire "voice ourselves...communicatively" just lol


A mere six percent of present day congressional members are under the age of thirty-five, and even amongst these, the youngest is twenty-five years. The call to action through this communication is rather simple. The youth (18-25) are asking for the ability to represent themselves at White House congressional meetings. Among our numerous merited representatives in congressional bodies, youth officials between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five should be incorporated, as well. This will create a beautiful balance of experience and innovation in our political center. Every state in the United States of America has youth representatives who are willing to step up to the responsibility to voice ourselves collaboratively, and communicatively. However, we need the platform, and your support."

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