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Is it weird to discuss independent studies in Statistics in your SOP without a corresponding Letter of Recommendation?

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(To give additional context: I am applying to MS programs.)

I did coursework at my university corresponding to "advanced undergraduate research" for one semester, where I primarily worked with a PhD student being supervised at our statistics department.

Nothing came out of it except a couple of presentations (w/ graphs) and lots of knowledge on my part, but I talked about it for a good two paragraphs in my statement of purpose. I tried asking the PhD student and their advisor for a letter of recommendation but this plan fell through when they went AWOL and I had to find another person to write the final letter (who coincidentally will also give me a good letter for Statistics programs so not a huge loss). 

I technically have proof that I did this independent study because I got transcript credit for it (marked as "advanced undergraduate research"). Am I then okay talking about it in my SOP without a corresponding letter of rec?

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To clarify why it will be even more okay and not raise a single eyebrow, if you mention in your statement who you did the independent study with (a PhD student), they will immediately understand why you got letters from professors instead. 

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