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What degree should I pursue?


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So I tried posting on here one other time and didn't really get any responses, so I thought I'd try once more.

I'm basically wondering what kind of Master's degree I should pursue to practice therapy.

I'm interested in:

  • Relationship/family therapy
  • "Positive Psychology"—basically, I'm interested in helping people thrive and find meaning (spiritual counseling?)
  • Career counseling and psychological testing, especially as it relates to personality
  • I'd like to pursue a degree that would allow me to eventually gain my BCBA credential (with some additional schooling)

To my knowledge, the only degree that could meet all the above criteria would be some type of clinical psych masters with a relationship/family concentration.  If I were to forego the BCBA credential, I could probably go with either an MSW or an MFT degree, as well.

Is there anything I'm missing?  Thoughts, reflections?

Thank you!

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