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Incoming masters -> Ph.d student. I might get a C in one of my last undergrad class

Guest ketodietman

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Guest ketodietman

I didn't now where to post it, so please pardon me if this is a wrong place. I am a chemical engineering major with double spanish/math minors, and this one chem. E class has so much to study, and although I am doing well in homework, I keep doing mediocre(68% in first exam and 78% in 2nd exam) in the tests. The tests have much more weight than homework or attendance in this class, so I rhave to do well in the third and final exam just to get B-.

I have had one C- 2 years ago, and this will be 2nd C if I don't do well in the final exam. Will this affect my masters admission offer? I want to finish strongly, but this class is so mathmatically intense and picky on nitty gritty details that I keep making mistakes

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Chemical Engineering is in the top 5 hardest majors in the nation. I'd say you'd be fine for top tier schools as long as you have internship or some other experience pertaining to your field.

It is about the entire package of the applicant not just grades. Where as high school to college transition emphasized mainly grades with some extra curricular consideration.

If your recommendations and statement of prupose are solid, GPA overall is still good, above 3.5 you'll still be a strong candidate.

Aim for that B- though, it will look better since it's a major course.


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