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  1. Chemical Engineering is in the top 5 hardest majors in the nation. I'd say you'd be fine for top tier schools as long as you have internship or some other experience pertaining to your field. It is about the entire package of the applicant not just grades. Where as high school to college transition emphasized mainly grades with some extra curricular consideration. If your recommendations and statement of prupose are solid, GPA overall is still good, above 3.5 you'll still be a strong candidate. Aim for that B- though, it will look better since it's a major course.
  2. Hi all, like the title says, unfortunately I bombed the the GRE, 152 verbal, 149 quant. I really thought I'd be fine since I aced my calculus courses in my undergraduate and only prepared 2 weeks. But unfortunately i felt this tested more of my test taking skills since I'm not great at standardized tests. And I did work with a tutor to improve on timed test taking, but I feel like it takes more time to practice out the skills learned to actually develop them. I have a solid GPA, 3.7 and hold a degree in Computer Science. I have interned at top companies, and currently work for a forbes top 50 company as a software engineer and have research experience/1 publication at highly tanked conference. I've only been out of school since this past May. I'm applying for a masters in computer science program and 3 applications are for joint programs, masters/PhD track. I have deadlines coming up, have I completely hurt my chances of getting into top tier schools? This is really unfortunate considering I did everything else right except improve on my standardized testing skills. Its not like I couldn't solve the problems, I ran out of time on the quant sections and had to guess on questions I know I could've solves if given a little more time. Thank you for your help!
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