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Application Resume vs Job seeking Resume

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Hi I'm applying to Stat MS programs this cycle and I'm wondering if there are any significant differences between a resume used in grad school application vs a normal resume for job seeking. 

Are there anything I should add, take out or emphasize in the application resume?

Thank you very much  

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It should be okay to just submit your regular resume. If it were for a PhD application, it might be better to submit a CV (even if the CV is really short for many statistics PhD applicants, a CV signifies your interest in potentially pursuing an academic/research career). For a Masters degree, the regular resume is fine... if they even look at it that closely.

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Yeah, I would say it's pretty much the same - if you had publications, depending on the job, you probably wouldn't put them on the resume whereas you definitely want to include that on an academic one. It's not a super important part of the application since you fill out all the same info in the application itself and your SOP.

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