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I have registered for the Toefl exam on January 5 in Lebanon and I requested that my scores should be send to University of Toronto.

The scores will be released on January 15 and they will be send to the University at January 18. 

But the questios is that when will they will reach the university in canada?

like how much will it take the scores to reach Toronto( canada)? 

Kindly note that the deadline for supplying the required documents is February1.

And if the scores reached the university after the deadline, will they consider my application?

I cannot contact the University accpet after the holiday finishes after January 7.

best regards,

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My advice is for you to inform the department (its "graduate coordinator")to which you are applying about the matter and ask them or the graduate division of the university. I am naively assuming that if TOEL "releases" the scores on January, it should only take minutes for the institution to receive those scores. That is, if the "release" is done electronically, via the Internet.  

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