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Fall 2019 Political Science Applicant, V160 Q145 AW50


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Hey everyone,


I am applying for admission to PhD programs in political science for entry in the fall of 2019. I am applying to some top schools such as North Western, Notre Dame, University of Washington, University of Illinois Urbana. I switched my major a couple times during my undergrad and took a few physics, math, and computer science classes that brought my GPA down. I did much better during my MA at Indiana State. I am wondering what you guys think are my chances of getting into the schools I applied to. Also, when do decisions typically come out?



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Decisions come out mostly in February, some in late January, some in March. Chances are context specific and your MA should help. At elite Universities getting in really is in part luck of the draw, so hopefully you'll find out you are on the good end of that equation. If not, apply more widely in another cycle and check average GPAs and GRE scores of applicants (but remember there are always people who fall outside the typical range). Good luck! 

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