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  1. Did you do an interview? If not, it most likely will be a rejection...
  2. It's really hard to say...
  3. I'm not an expert neither, but I don't think timing really matters here. If I were you, I would contact DGS (or even graduate coordinator) late this week!
  4. I think many people tend to hold on to their acceptances until the visit days (or open houses). I'm sure some of them will decline their offers afterward. I'm currently waitlisted at one of my top choices. I already contacted a related faculty member there and he told me to wait it out until late March to early April, as what I have mentioned above is often the case. He also told me that he believes there will be some changes to the whole waitlist situation one way or another by then. By the way, when you contact someone to ask about the waitlist, you should ask whether it is ranked or not fir
  5. Really hope that there will be some changes to the waitlists after the visit days...
  6. Yeah...were you on the waiting list before? What is your subfield?
  7. It looks like their understanding of "early this week" is different from our understanding of "early this week." What do you think?
  8. Do you guys think USC is done sending out its acceptances?
  9. Anyone still waiting for USC?
  10. I'm IR too. Perhaps I should forget about it!
  11. Best of luck to you! By the way, BC is still dead silent on me...
  12. Got it. Don't give up until the end. You never know!!! By the way, if necessary, do you plan to reapply? I was completely devastated in the last cycle, but I got into several places in this cycle.
  13. Where do you plan to go then?
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