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I submitted my application for NYU Wagner-MPA program right after the December 1st Priority deadline. I shot myself in the foot by not looking through the application first and realizing the application had questions that wasn't listed on the required material page. That lead up to me submitting it on December 2nd at 1am est so I don't expect much funding from the school. However, I am curious if I have to wait until June 14th (around 6 months from now) to receive a decision. Looking around this site, I saw that most people received their decision email on the date mentioned on the site. I know my application will get pushed back to deal with the priority applicants first but will I really have to wait that long to hear something back?

Has anyone applied after the priority deadline?

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I applied for NYU Wagner MSPP and started my application form on Dec 4. I got an e-mail on that day. If I submitted my application before Dec 15, their unofficial deadline, they would review it as a priority considerarion which is going to be announced by Mar 1. I think it would be the same in case of MPA, so don't worry, you will get your result by March.

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