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Fall 2019 Applications (MA, MDiv, MTS, MAR, etc)


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Looking to start a feed on grad applications to Divinity School for Fall 2019 matriculation. The wait is on! I've only applied to two ? and will be on the edge of my seat for the next few months. I'm seeking my MDiv from either Union Theological Seminary or Harvard Divinity. Would love to hear from all y'all out there! Where are all have you applied? Which school is your first choice? What are you hoping to do in or after school?

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Haha yeah pretty dead feed so far. To answer your question, from what I understand about both the MTS and MDiv options, you will want to pursue an MTS. Typically the MDiv is for those who want to wrestle with their own faith and apply these questions to their work, though an MDiv no longer equates ordination or church-work. While it’s not common (as I understand it) more MDivs have begun pursuing PhDs than has traditionally been the norm. 

So I think it may just rest on your personal mission in life and how you want to apply your academic experiences. 

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