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Letter of Motivation and SOP Difference



I am going to apply for a scholarship offered within psychology master degree at a university in Netherlands. They require me to write a letter of motivation that is specifically tailored to the scholarship offered. The problem is that, for several months, I had been focusing on writing up a Statement of Purpose, so I am bewildered a little bit now. Can someone please explain me the difference between these two things? And if you provide me with further ideas/insights about what to include in a letter of motivation written specifically to a scholarship opportunity, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you sooo much for your valuable time in advance.

Have good forums,

Best :) 

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This should really be why you want to attend and how it will help you rather than the personal narrative that may be more the style of a SOP. Be all glowy about the program and why you want to attend.

You may also want to emphasize why you are a great fit and what you would contribute, however it is a letter of why you are motivated to attend this specific institute and how it relates to your goals. 

It's not that different from a SOP, but you won't for example mention projects you have run in great detail. Rather emphasize why this program is your dream program. So the focus is more on the program than on you as an applicant

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