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Funding Confusion...



Hi everyone,

Back in January, I had an interview with a POC. He seemed excited about my application and said I was a good fit with the department. The PhD program's website I am applying to says that, if you are accepted, they will ensure a strong 5-year funding package. 

That said, about a week after my interview, the POC reached out to me again and told me to apply to the FLAS. The deadline is February 11th, it is now February 6th. I am going to have to rush to submit this application, which provides tuition and a stipend for 1 year of study. I still have not heard back from the program whether I am accepted, rejected, or waitlisted.

My question is, is this normal to have a POC tell you to apply for funding at a university prior to telling you that you are accepted? Also, will my acceptance into the program hinge on my acquiring the FLAS fellowship? It's only a 1-year fellowship, so will I have to be reapplying for it each year to ensure funding at my program? 

This is all very confusing for me. Any help / thoughts would be appreciated. It seems rushed to have to submit an application in a week that may determine my acceptance / financial feasibility at a program that I may or may not get into?



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