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  1. UT-Austin results are out if you check your login portal. Didn't get an email letting me know the results, but checked my account this morning and was admitted! Was told that funding results will be released later. Best of luck to all.
  2. Hi all, I officially committed to UBC today for my PhD in Geography. As I'm an international student from the United States and won't have any close family or friends in the Vancouver area, it would be great to start building a network of ALL UBC Masters and PhD students. Comment here to connect and share what you'll be doing at UBC. This would also be a great place to share housing, neighborhood, activities and such. A bit about me: Married, have a dog, enjoy hiking and the outdoors, looking forward to Vancouver coffee culture. Cheers, C
  3. @homie Agh, I'm sorry to hear that. It's a highly competitive program, I know, so we shouldn't take it too hard, right? Do you have other pending applications? If so, best of luck to you!
  4. Hey everyone! Anyone else going to / thinking of going to UBC's geography program, either for Masters or PhD? I heard back from UBC this week - My first acceptance! Super excited, as it was my top school. I will likely be heading there - PhD in Geography with a focus on human-environment. Would be great to hear from others and connect! FYI, below have been my results thus far for those interested: UBC, PhD Geography: Accepted American University, PhD International Relations - focus on environmental governance: Waitlisted Wisconsin-Madison, MA (PhD route) Geog
  5. Hi everyone, Back in January, I had an interview with a POC. He seemed excited about my application and said I was a good fit with the department. The PhD program's website I am applying to says that, if you are accepted, they will ensure a strong 5-year funding package. That said, about a week after my interview, the POC reached out to me again and told me to apply to the FLAS. The deadline is February 11th, it is now February 6th. I am going to have to rush to submit this application, which provides tuition and a stipend for 1 year of study. I still have not heard back from the pr
  6. @llgecir43 I'm in a similar situation. I'm interested in power & participation related to environmental governance. Also a niche topic that intersects many disciplines. I applied to 6 PhD programs, all from varying departments... PhD Geography - Wisconsin, Madison PhD Geography - UT Austin PhD Environmental Policy - Duke PhD International Relations - American PhD Behavioral Policy, Environment & Sustainability - Michigan PhD Geography - British Columbia To me, it's largely dependent on your career aspirations and advisors. I would like to r
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