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Wondering about external scholarships and fellowships


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I've applied to six PhD programs in School Psychology or Clinical Psychology. I received 4 interviews and 1 acceptance so far. 

During my interviews, I have had people mention scholarships I might be eligible for or mention receiving a fellowship. However, some have mentioned that it is something I would need to apply for separately where previously I was under the impression that my POI would put me forward for something like that. 

I'm a first-generation PhD applicant, college-graduate (May 2018), and high school graduate so I might be eligible for a few things, but that also means I do not have the resources others do for this kind of information. I have no financial support from my family and haven't for years, so I want to maximum my funding sources as much as possible. 

I've tried googling a few things, but so far haven't been able to find much that would be relevant to my current situation.



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What is your question exactly? 

If your POIs mentioned specific scholarship by name, you can look those up and see how the selection process for those work. Some you must be nominated by your school, others you apply to yourself. If you need help with a certain application, you can always ask your POI or the awards office. Also, check out the schools awards database--there are many that you can narrow down via criteria (first-generation PhD, etc). 

From my understanding, I think your first step should be to determine specific scholarships you do qualify for--speak to the POIs that mentioned it.

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