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TheGradCafe's Edit/Delete/Hide Policy

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This post is intended to clarify the forums' policy on post editing and deletion. Please be aware that when you write a post in these forums, the information is permanently stored on the forum. TheGradCafe is a permanent archive of discussions and answers so that future users can benefit from old discussions. This means that even if your account is deactivated or deleted, your posts will remain.

The forum will allow you to make edits for a short interval after your post--this is intended for correction of typos or an accidental post. This option will disappear shortly after you post. Similarly, members are unable to hide their own posts.

However, we are committed to protecting your privacy. If you accidentally revealed some specific and personally identifying information (e.g. your real name), we can help you. You will need to submit a report with your request. The "Report" button is at the top of your post on the left side (to the right of the date). The moderation team will review your report and decide whether edits are warranted. We will only remove personal information that is not related to the topic discussed.  Please indicate in the report exactly what you feel specifically identifies you in the post. A request to have information deleted does not mean that post will be deleted but the post will be looked at for identifying information. Please do not use the "Contact Form" to request your posts to be deleted. 

We hope this clarifies TheGradCafe's policy on deleting, editing, or hiding posts. As TGC serves as a permanent archive of discussions, you should never post anything that you do not want stored forever. It is your responsibility to choose what you are willing to share.

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