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Extension of offer or conditional accpetance, econ ma offer from university of victoria


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Hi everyone!

I received an offer of ma economics from university of victoria, BC, canada.

They required a response  by this Wednesday. However I have not heard from other schools, like sfu(simon freaser university), queens, toronto, waterloo.

I think it is too early to really accept an offer at this moment, but I like the offer package a lot (27500 funding). and is it possible to accept the offer with condition like saying i may change my mind upon the admission of my boyfriend?


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I personally don't think it would be best to say you accept but provide conditions. In by opinion, I would call/email your contact there and have an open conversation explaining that you don't want to make a commitment while you are still hearing back from other universities. They still might say they need you to decide by Wednesday and then you'd have to do that, but from my experiences dealing with universities most committee members still remember what it was like to apply and will try to help you out if they can. They'll appreciate you being honest and I'm sure you're not the only one who has ever expressed concern with them expecting a decision from you so early. Then again, this advice is all based off my experience with US universities, and may be different in Canada.

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