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  1. I personally don't think it would be best to say you accept but provide conditions. In by opinion, I would call/email your contact there and have an open conversation explaining that you don't want to make a commitment while you are still hearing back from other universities. They still might say they need you to decide by Wednesday and then you'd have to do that, but from my experiences dealing with universities most committee members still remember what it was like to apply and will try to help you out if they can. They'll appreciate you being honest and I'm sure you're not the only one who has ever expressed concern with them expecting a decision from you so early. Then again, this advice is all based off my experience with US universities, and may be different in Canada.
  2. So I got an email from my PI at School A a few weeks ago, telling me I got in. Since then, I've started working with them to plan a visit and they've sent me a funding offer. Then on Friday, I got an email from School B, saying that though this was an unofficial email I'd been approved by the department and the dean for admission. Now if I'm getting an offer from School B, I definitely won't accept at School A (here my research would have to focus on a secondary interest, where I could focus on my primary at School B). Nothing has been paid for yet for my visit to School A, and I feel like I should not go visit now so they don't spend their time and money on me if I'm not going. My question is, should I trust the unofficial acceptance from School B enough to turn down School A before I get School B's official offer? It might be important to note that School B has a huge endowment, so I don't think it's likely they'll back out at the last minute due to funding. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. For clarification, I do think all public schools have to observe President's Day - they just don't have to observe it ON President's Day. I know my school gives staff the day off after Christmas Day by saying that's the day they're observing President's Day. And they give staff Christmas Eve off by saying that's the day we observe Arbor Day.
  4. Hi! I just got an offer at UPenn and will probably accept. I'm from the midwest and at this point have never lived in a city larger than 150,000 people. Most of my family are the same way and are really worried about me being safe living in Philly. My parents seem to think that everyone in such a big city gets mugged at least once a week, and are really pressing me to live on campus at UPenn for a year while I learn which neighborhoods are "safe" to live in. Does anyone have any experience with on-campus grad housing at UPenn, know of any nearby neighborhoods, or have tips to make safety midwest-parent approved? Thanks!
  5. P.s. Thanks for the advice @Mofanthrooo!
  6. I feel you. I went through this literally today with UPenn. I followed the advice someone else gave me here though and emailed my POI. Looks like the situation was each professor was individually notifying students of acceptance, and mine just hadn't gotten the chance to write the email yet. So I'd say yeah email and just ask if they have any idea when notifications will be made. Or if you'd rather, you can call the program's office. They might give you info and not ask for your name.
  7. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I ended up emailing one of the schools and my POI replied saying he was planning to email me later today letting me know I've been accepted! Don't give up on your dreams!
  8. I came on Grad Cafe last night and saw that people had posted they'd received acceptances from TWO schools I applied to. And I still have heard nothing. I don't know what this means but I'm really freaking out. Would rather just be told I didn't get in at this point
  9. I haven't heard anything from UPenn since my interview, does that mean bad news?
  10. bonesandbakes

    Davis, CA

    I just got an acceptance to UC Davis and am trying to arrange a visit. I know it's easiest to fly into Sacramento, but flights can be really expensive from where I live so flying to San Francisco would be easier. Can anyone tell me if it would be worth saving money to fly to San Francisco, or would the hassle of getting from San Francisco to Davis using BART/Amtrack be horrible?
  11. Hi there! I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at UNL. Someone else asked me about Lincoln on this site, so here is the pros/cons list I sent them: UNL Pros: 1. big school pride (Memorial Stadium has a larger population than all cities in Nebraska other than Lincoln and Omaha on football Saturdays) 2. People are nice, will do things for you like hold doors and make small talk about the weather 3. Professors are really engaged with students. I know most of my professors by first name, which is huge as an undergrad 4. Big research focus (my best friend got his undergrad in the English department here and got to do a funded research project with a professor) 5. Grad students can teach some lower-level classes UNL Cons: 1. Big Greek life (probably applies more to undergrad) 2. We love our football team, but they're not actually very good lol 3. Can be difficult to find challenging enough classes (may be less true in english as it's a bigger department, but in the anthro department all the grad students take classes with undergrads) 4. Not a lot of money for humanities/social sciences departments 5. Expensive parking (might be covered for you?) Lincoln Pros: 1. Good size downtown, right by campus 2. Lots of small breweries/coffee shops 3: Get some good concerts at Pinnacle Bank Arena 4: Close to Omaha for bigger city stuff 5: Cheap rent (I live in a furnished on-campus apartment with one roommate and pay less than $500/month including utilities) Lincoln Cons: 1. Cold as fuck (and they'll make you go to class anyway) 2. Conservative state (the governor wants to bring back the death penalty, you'll see some pro-life rallies on campus, etc.) 3. You basically need a car to get around (too cold to bike half the year and campus is technically in a food desert) Hope this helps! Also I'm not in English, but used to have a Women's and Gender Studies minor and really loved the women's poetry class I took!
  12. @Cyrus6 Thanks! That was me. Basically I got an email from the chair of the evolutionary wing, my prospective adviser, and the head of the department. It said that they had recommended me for admission, and I should receive the official letter soon. They didn't say if anyone else had been notified, or if the cultural wing had finished making their decisions. Hope this helps!
  13. Congrats! I'm just finishing up my undergrad at UNL, message me if you have any questions!
  14. I had been checking my email every 30 seconds all day waiting for notification from a different school, and decided to distract myself by making english muffins. Finished cooking those and checked my phone, and boom! First official acceptance. A watched pot never boils, I guess.
  15. @vam1390 I felt the same way about a recent interview. Like my leg was shaking with anxiety under the table the whole time (luckily it was over Skype). I'd recommend sending a follow-up thank you email to the interviewers in the next day or so. Gives the double benefit of being polite and engaged, while hopefully prompting the committee to give some indication on how they thought it went and/or telling you when decisions should be made. Good luck!
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