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  1. Also, there are some Graduate MA, MFA, and PhD programs in Communications, Visual Arts and Experimental Media, with inspiring Anthropologists engaged with media, especially film. I'm referring to UC Boulder Communications with Stephanie Spray, Northwestern U with JP Sniadecki, and UCSC Visual Arts with Alex Fattal. All of them are alumni from Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab.
  2. That's true, thanks for pointing that out. Outside the US, I know about Goldsmith College in London as well as the University of Manchester. Both the UNAM in Mexico City as the UBA in Buenos Aires have study groups un "visual anthropology," though I'm don't know any details of their focus or practices.
  3. Hello again, I just want to update this post, based on the research I did during the last year. I need to clarify that despite there are some or perhaps several schools working with media/sensory/multimodal anthropology, just a few of them have both faculty related and institutional support for non-text-based approaches. I mean: some a few universities are interested in your media creations along with your anthropological inquiries. This is changing, of course, but this list could be taken as a photograph of the current situation in the genre. I focused my research on cinema, photography, and
  4. Is anyone of the one admitted to UT Austin considering a better offer? I am waitlisted, and my POI said to me I'm at the top of the list, and while I have another offer, UT Austin fits me way better. They're doing amazing stuff in media-borders-Latin America, which are my topics. If so, just shot me a PM to talk! Please let help!
  5. Indeed. I chatted with professor De la Cadena some weeks ago and they aren't taking applications for the cultural wing in 2020 as by now. As you wrote, they have impressive faculty in the SE field, what a shame. Thanks for pointing this out!
  6. Thanks a lot. John Hopkins appears to be a great place to seek for opportunities. I'll write to them as soon as the next week. Yep. UPenn is one of my favorites places so far. I didn't know about the Center for Experimental Anthropology, though. Awesome information. Thanks a lot guys, I truly appreciate your help with this.
  7. Thanks for the tip, she's certainly in that field.
  8. Thanks a lot, anthroeducator. That information indeed helps. I'm adding at the end of this thread one list with the universities I'm actually considering, just in case there's a generous soul within those schools to connect with. I'm trying hard in reaching information and visiting the universities as soon as this summer, 'cause as an international student and with English as a second language, I don't feel that confident about my application to those high-profile universities. Any thoughts? Visual/Media Anthropology PhD Programs Harvard and their SLE NYU (prof Faye Ginsburg) UPenn
  9. Good evening guys! I'm Carlos, from Colombia. I've got an undergrad in Social Anthropology and now I'm in an MFA in photo/video program. I'm looking forward to continuing my education within the US with a PhD Cultural Anthropology program that allows me to use my photo/video 'expertise', either Visual or Media Anthropology. Thanks a lot for this useful information. How about an update? I'm doing my research and will share it here soon, but if anyone has experience or know something about, please share that out. Thanks!
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