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Wenner Gren

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For those who got 2.6, and only one bad review, seems really worth reapplying and using the comments to improve it! It was my last shot saddly, but I'm sure the reviews will improve my thesis once I r

This is my 3rd time applying, so keep at it for those who are going to resubmit.

Posting to follow for the latest cycle. Applied in Nov 2020. Anyone else here?

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5 hours ago, artlesspredilection said:

Has anyone heard anything? Also, daykid, have you heard from NSF DDIG? I know a few who have gotten rejections already, but I know they roll out acceptances and rejections over several weeks. 

Hi. My hubby got rejection email from NSF. Waiting for Wenner Gren now. May be will hear something on Monday

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Hey all,


This week should be the week for WG!!! Good luck to everyone

WRT NSF: I got my rejection last week by logging into fastlane. A few others in my program were also declined and a few are still pending. It looks like there will be 28 awards from 192 applicants (FYI).

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33 minutes ago, SamTheAnthropologist said:

Did he get the breakdown of how the applicants were ranked (how many competitive, high priority), etc.? 

This was the breakdown I got when I was declined by NSF. This is half of the total apps. 

A. COMPETITIVE: 14 proposals (Highly Competitive: 3; Competitive: 11). 

B. NOT COMPETITIVE: 82 (Needs Moderate Revision: 23 proposals; Needs Serious Revision: 59 proposals)


Also, looks like today is not the day for WG

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13 minutes ago, SamTheAnthropologist said:

Were you part of the 3/23 peer review for NSF?

I have a feeling WG will wait until Friday to release :(

Nope, I was on the earlier panel. But a friend who was on the 3/23 panel was recently declined. 

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3 minutes ago, SamTheAnthropologist said:

Nah, Friday isn't a holiday in the U.S. CrunchCrunch where are you located? I want the Wenner Gren to tweet that they have released their decisions!

Canada.  Well, yes, I just mean, don't tweet unless it's something important, like emails have been sent out.  

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34 minutes ago, CrunchCrunch said:

Also, is anyone else annoyed by the tweets from Wenner Gren?  Just saying, if you have time to tweet, you have time to send out the results...

Sadly, I don't think the WG social media person has any knowledge about the grant stuff. They're there for the jokes.  Doesn't stop me from checking it obsessively, though.

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