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  1. Wenner Gren

    Will they send acceptance and rejection emails in same day?
  2. Wenner Gren

  3. Wenner Gren

    Any news?
  4. Wenner Gren

    Hi. My hubby got rejection email from NSF. Waiting for Wenner Gren now. May be will hear something on Monday
  5. SSRC IDRF 2017

    Thanks for your reply. Did you apply to Wenner Gren? Any news?
  6. Wenner Gren 2017

    Thanks for your reply.
  7. Wenner Gren 2017

    Hi, Did anyone hear back from Wenner Gren for dissertation fellowship ?
  8. SSRC IDRF 2017

    Hi. Did any of you hear back from SSRC IDRF? Still waiting...
  9. Pittsburgh

    Hi Palmyra, I am eagerly waiting for hearing from you about Pittsburgh. Whenever you will be free please email me. Aanmona
  10. Pittsburgh

    Hi Palmyra, Thank you so much for your email. I am so glad that you are accepted to Pittsburgh. I am glad to know that you are in that place and spend some useful times there. I hope that you will be able to find out positive and negative (if there is any) side of Pittsburgh. They also asked me to visit there. However, my Doc told me not to move anywhere as I have severe back-pain now. So, I can't be able to visit there though I wish I could. Please contact with me after your visit. I am going to accept their offer. So, I would be very happy if I get useful information from you. My research area is in Bangladesh, South Asia. Where is yours? I am giving you my email address. If you wish you can email me at my gmail. email: [email protected] Enjoy Pitts, enjoy your time. Take care, Aanmona
  11. Pittsburgh

    Hi, My major is Sociocultural Anthropology. Do you think that Pittsburgh is a good school for that? Thanks for your reply. Aanmona
  12. Pittsburgh

    Hi, I got admission at University of Pittsburgh and received four years funding. I want to know about the strength of the program, its reputation, job opportunity after completing degree and faculty members of Anthropology department. Are they easygoing and willing to help students? Whats about students? Are they friendly? Now, I am studying at Loyola University Chicago. I came from Bangladesh, without any family member. Some times I feel so lonely. I really want to go to a place, where people are friendly. So, please let me know about the atmosphere of the university. Moreover, let me know about the living cost at Pitt. I want to stay alone in a studio/ one bed room apartment. I am used to live a very normal life. Do not have any car. So, let me know what would be my monthly cost including housing, food, transport, internet etc. I got GTF which will provide me monthly $16,600 per year. Do you think that it is enough? As an International student am I required to bare any other extra cost? Please feel free to share your any experiences. Thanks, Aanmona
  13. Anthropology Waiting/Results 2012

    Hi, I got admission at Syracuse, but still waiting for funding. Can anyone tell me about the funding news? I also got admission and four year funding at Pittsburgh. But, Syracuse is my first choice. Please feel free to inform me which school is best for Socio-cultural Anthropology.